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Quiz! How many of the 144 clubs to appear in the Champions League group stage can you name?

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15 minutes on the clock, 144 clubs to guess.

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We simply do not believe it is possible to get perfect marks in this quiz. Unless perhaps you’re the kind of monster who records every Champions League draw and watches each glitzy ceremony endlessly repeat (hi Sepp – thanks for reading).

The top clubs should be simple enough. You’re going to get the team that’s played the most Champions League group games since Europe’s top club competition was given its makeover in 1992/93. You're probably going to get the top 10 without much trouble. You'll brush off most of the English clubs without breaking a sweat.

Once you get further down the list though, to the clubs that have just appeared in one round of group games, it gets a fair bit trickier. Some sides have made just one competition. One is playing their first this season.

Beware: this quiz comes with a healthy dose of kicking yourself. 


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