Good Day, Bad Day - Round 20


Leo Messi

A mischievous Madrid press may have forced the outstanding Argentinean into an unnecessary bout of âÂÂI love the club, meâ badge-kissing - and thereâÂÂll be more on that little saga coming soon - but for now letâÂÂs give the little fella his umpteenth appearance in the âÂÂgood dayâ section.

In a repeat of their performance against Sevilla, Numancia made themselves tough old cookies to break down, and should have gone 1-0 up, but an away team effort was cruelly cancelled out by the ref.

The furious, fist-waving gestures to his players to the non-goal from Pep Guardiola was evidence enough that the strike was a goodâÂÂun.

Whilst the Madridistas papers and TV stations spent Sunday complaining about that decision and a pass to an offside Dani Alves for BarçaâÂÂs first goal - whilst happily forgetting last weekendâÂÂs helping hand in the Bernabeu - the refereeâÂÂs assistance doesnâÂÂt amount to a hill of beans to Barcelona at the moment.

As, Numancia president, Francisco Rubio said on Sunday: âÂÂthey could have beaten us perfectly easily without these decisions.âÂÂ

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