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Joma Aguila Pro football boot: so finely-tuned, painstakingly engineered for you

Joma Aguila Pro boot

When it comes to setting goals and making them a reality, Joma has a faultless track record.

When it was formed back in 1965, with a team of just eight employees helping to produce top-quality footwear for athletes across Spain, Joma’s dream was to do the same for the entire world – and boy has it achieved it.

In 1969, Joma built its first factory and expanded its expert team to 20. In 1980, Joma moved into a whopping 2,000 square metre production plant, along with team of over 70 people. By the end of the decade Joma boots graced the feet of Spanish football’s top players, including Emilio Butragueño – a five-time La Liga winner with Real Madrid – and Txiki Begiristain, who would go on to win the 1992 European Cup Final with Barcelona.

Later that same year, Spain’s Fermin Cacho (1500 metres) and Alfonso (men’s football) both achieved gold medals at the Barcelona Olympics with Joma on their feet. In 2006 and 2007, Sevilla made history by winning back-to-back UEFA Cup trophies wearing Joma shirts.

Tradition matters

For over 50 years, Joma has provided athletes with the tailor-made tools they need to make history, whatever the sport. Today, it operates in over 110 countries across the globe, continuing the long-standing tradition of providing both professional and amateur athletes with the footwear and kit required to help them achieve sporting greatness.

Joma works with sports teams across a vast variety of disciplines and geographical regions. It provides kit for Spain’s national rugby and handball teams, as well as the handball teams of Croatia and Slovenia. It works with Inter Movistar, which is among the planet’s top futsal teams, plus the seven Olympic committees and 18 sporting federations that comprise the pinnacle of the sporting world, the Olympic Games.

Joma also tailors the jerseys of dozens of top European football teams – including Sampdoria of Italy, Toulouse of France, and Getafe and Villarreal of Spain’s Primera Liga.

New thinking

Joma’s new goal is to provide athletes of all levels with gear so finely-tuned, it adapts to their specific needs.

Take, for example, the Aguila Pro football boot. Crafted with kangaroo leather, the Aguila Pro has been painstakingly engineered to fit like a glove, providing that all-important natural feel when striking the ball.

The Aguila Pro’s water-resistant leather repels moisture, maintaining that crucial lightness in wet conditions, while the microfibre heel adds durability. Apre-formed EVA sockliner adjusts to the shape of the foot for maximum comfort and enhanced ball control, which helps players glide across the pitch, play precision passes, and unleash shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Now, you can set your goals - whatever your sport - and Joma will help you reach them.

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