Prayers, playoffs and playstations

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"I've been hassling the Virgin Mary a lot," Racing's manager Juan Llop told the press before the first leg of the playoffs to determine whether his side stays up.

24 later Llop was back on his knees and crossing himself after a draw against Primera Divison hopefuls Belgrano. The agony for Racing fans prolonged after a late equaliser.

Racing must now win on Sunday if they are to stay up. As the third most supported team in Buenos Aires it is almost unthinkable that they have reached this position, but they have done once before in 1983.

They only remained in the 'B' for a season but it is still something that haunts the perennial underachievers.

The team is now in the hands of the receivers after a disastrous tenure of Blancquiceleste. And they haven't won away all season.

The bottom two teams of the Primera play the top two teams of the 'B', with the winners staying/going up and vice versa. Fighting in the other playoff is Gimnasia and B team Union who also drew the first leg.

Racing players have said in the past that they say a little prayer to whoever they believe is listening. The receivers of the club also offered an incentive to win the last couple of games.

What was it? A TV and a PlayStation 2.

Enough said.