Presidential panic aplenty in La Liga

With an hour or two to kill at an airport, recently, a bored-to-tears La Liga Loca took a moment to flick through a couple of self-help business books aimed at desperate and despairing corporate types looking to tick off the 'strategic thinking' box in their end of year appraisals.  

Alongside 'People Management the Pol Pot Way!' and 'Why Failure is the New Success!", the blog picked up a tome proposing the theory that the best option, when everything is going to hell in a handcart, is to do nothing.

La Liga Loca may send Ramon Caldéron a copy as the Real Madrid president is currently trying to counter claims that the club is in full-on "crisis" mode by organising late night meetings and releasing "we're screwed comments" to the press.

Instead, the incompetent incumbent in charge at Castle Greyskull should be saying and doing absolutely nothing - although he may be physically incapable of this. After all, the club is still four points clear of Barcelona and there is a decent chance it could be seven in a few days time.

But that's not Calderón's way. Instead the president has suddenly thought, "jeez, Louise, maybe I shouldn't have sacked my title-winning manager and replaced him with a man with as much top-flight club experience as the Krankies".

That's what Marca wrote in Tuesday's editorial with the gem of wisdom that "the original sin was sacking Capello" - an insight that was rarely heard during the last four months of 2007, when the paper was insisting that the sun shone from Schuster's posterior.

On Sunday night, after the defeat to Valencia, the Bernabeu bigwig called a meeting with two minions and Pedja Mijatovic - a man, who, to be fair, appointed Fabio Capello and wanted to keep him - to demand answers. Calderón will have a long wait.

Joan Laporta was another president with bit of explaining to do. The King of Cataluyna had his imperial litter set down before some journalists, on Tuesday, to discuss the current debate over the future of Ronaldinho. "There is no divorce between the club and Ronaldinho", beamed the club president attempting the Jedi mind-trick for the umpteenth time.

Laporta was also asked why a club playing in Barcelona shirts, called Barcelona and backed by Barcelona refused to line up for the Spanish national anthem for a second year in a row at the mini-world cup held in the Algarve, over the weekend.

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