Random Video of the Day: Luis Boa Morte's modest 'Cribs' from his Fulham days

Luis Boa Morte

MTV used to show us a glimpse into the rock-and-roll, lavish lifestyles of professional footballers and beyond. Unfortunately, though, visiting Luis Boa Morte’s house wasn't the place to uncover such insight

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If the rather inconspicuous detatched Surrey house wasn't enough of an indicator at first, perhaps the Vauxhall Corsa that Boa Morte rocks up in might have given the game away early doors.

But never mind... to the inside! "This is my living room... I don't spend much time in here..."


There's a generous DVD collection (in a cardboard box) within his cinema room, followed by a brief tour around a kitchen not unlike your aunt's – complete with ceramic animals and man-of-the-match bubbly nestled neatly beside his pineapple juice.  

Sadly no memorabilia of the time he appeared on an episode of Grange Hill, though (Google it). Enjoy the rest for yourselves...

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