Simon Jordan: One-on-One

What were your first memories of Palace growing up?
Ed Bates, London
It was when I was 10 and we played Liverpool in the Cup. Seeing Kevin Keegan in the flesh was amazing as he had only existed on television or in Shoot! Then getting promotion in 1979, we played Burnley at home to win the league and there were 52,000 people at Selhurst Park. In later years beating Liverpool in the 1990 FA Cup semi-final, and then coming so close to beating Manchester United in the final were great.

Is it true you were a bit of a handful at school?
Anthony Cross, Morden
Yes, I was actually expelled from one school. Funnily enough, the same school invited me back to do a speech as their most famous old boy. At first I wasn’t sure, but they said if I didn’t they would send my school report to the local newspaper, so I quickly agreed. Quite a few teachers from my day were still there, and they all said, “We always knew you were going to be successful.” What a load of rubbish! I remember one year my school report said: “Simon has set himself a very low standard this year… and failed to achieve it.”

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