Summer loving for rejoicing Racing

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OK, so it's only a win in the summer tournament. But when you've had a couple of seasons like Racing, any win is a glorious one or at least an extreme relief, especially when it is against San Lorenzo.

This is a club where, only two years ago, a Playstation and a TV were the prizes on offer for players scoring a goal in the relegation battle. Man City, it ain't.

Racing are now back in the hands of the fans, who voted in Rodolfo Molina as Chairman, who - in turn - kept Juan Manuel Llop on as coach. And although they have had some tumultuous seasons in recent years, it is Llop who has maintained a level head and, most importantly, integrity throughout the debacle.

So it will have come as a massive relief to win the opening match under the new regime, a first in six games.

A sublime header from Matías Martínez put Racing ahead and the celebrations say it all (which include a little lesson in folk dancing if that's your kind of thing).

Llop shouted, screamed and the assembled Racing fans, mostly the barra brava, dared to believe a corner had been turned.

It probably hasn't yet, but Racing fans haven't had a thing to celebrate for years. So please, let them dream for now. They deserve it.

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