23 December 2019
The halfway point of the Premier League season often gives a good guide to who will go down in May
Eden Hazard Tottenham
20 December 2019
This London derby has been no stranger to high-scoring matches over the last few years. Can we have another please? 
Thierry Henry Arsenal
19 December 2019
Both the Gunners' interim manager and their imminent new boss are on the list – but can you get the other 41 names?
Atletico Madrid
18 December 2019
Liverpool take on The Striped Ones in the Club World Cup tonight – but even they wouldn't make this list. From Monkey Hangers to Flying Donkeys, it’s the amazing world of club nicknames. How many do you know?
16 December 2019
These are 28 players with most goals and assists combined so far this season
Emmanuel Adebayor Man City Arsenal
13 December 2019
Featuring a Slovakian forward's only Manchester City goal. Good luck with that...
12 December 2019
​Only 18 teams have been in the title race 16 games into a season since 1992. But they’re not all obvious...
Real Madrid
11 December 2019
If you counted every major European game as a league rather than a cup, this is what it would look like
10 December 2019
​Only 16 will progress through this week – but there are 32 who have been in this season’s tournament
9 December 2019
With Manchester City losing this weekend, it appears only Leicester can possibly catch Liverpool and stop them winning a first league in 30 years. So who did they beat that season?


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