PFA Team of the Year
25 April 2019
It’s every player to star in the PFA’s best XI since 2009/10, from the goalkeeper who’s featured five times to several one-time wonders
Leroy Sane Manchester United
25 April 2019
Who have been Die Mannschaft’s regulars in England’s top division?
24 April 2019
Some are obvious, others baffling - it's time to test your knowledge of these sides' secondary monikers
24 April 2019
Each of these men have made their mark on the Manchester derby since the year 2002, from the 11-goal leader to several one-strike wonders
Joe Hart Manchester City
23 April 2019
Cast your minds back to when these were fresh-faced whipper-snappers. Well, most of them…
Fernando Llorente CL
19 April 2019
Don’t worry, nearly all these matches happened in the last week-and-a-half
Son Heung-min Manchester City
18 April 2019
These are the most productive players in the Champions League this season, it says here
Raheem Sterling Champions League
18 April 2019
It’s the top English goal-getters in Europe’s top club competition since that 1992/93 rebrand. How many can you recall?
Lionel Messi
17 April 2019
From Barcelona to RB Leipzig, who’s been banging them in across the continent?
Hernan Crespo
16 April 2019
After Liverpool and Real Madrid clashed in the 2018 showpiece, can you name the big-game goalscorers of the Champions League era?


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