The big Friday Premier League quiz

Impress your mates with these Premier League trivia gems, powered by Opta data.

Want to impress your mates with must-have trivia ahead of this weekend's Premier League action?

Well, fear not, we have it covered.

See how many of these posers they can guess correctly safe in the knowledge you have all the answers (at the bottom of the page)!


1. Who was in charge when Liverpool last won their opening four matches of a top-flight season?


2. Burnley beat Manchester United 1-0 in their first ever Premier League meeting in August 2009. Who scored the winner?


3. In how many of West Ham's 92 previous seasons have they lost their first four league fixtures?


4. Matteo Guendouzi is on the verge of becoming only the fourth teenager to start each of Arsenal's first four matches of a Premier League season. Who are the three players to have achieved the feat?


5. Only one club to have been involved in the Premier League in 2018 is yet feature an English goal scorer. Which is it?



1. Kenny Dalglish (1990-91).

2. Robbie Blake.

3. One (2010-11, under Avram Grant).

4. Nicolas Anelka (1998-99), Cesc Fabregas (2004-05 and 2006-07) and Johan Djourou (2006-07).

5. Chelsea.