FIFA mulling goal-line technology

ZURICH - FIFA could introduce video cameras on goal-lines if the system is guaranteed to work effectively, but not in time for the 2010 World Cup, president Sepp Blatter was quoted on Sunday as saying.

Blatter has always ruled out the use of technology or video replays to help the referee but told newspaper SonntagsBlick goal-line technology would be discussed at an International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting in March.

"I am not absolutely against it. If the goal-line technology is ready to be adopted, then I am only in agreement," Blatter said.

The game's top officials say stoppages to view replays would hamper the flow of a match and Blatter is against football losing what he calls "its human face."

"If the system's security is guaranteed, we will introduce the goal-line technology. But it won't be ready for the 2010 World Cup," Blatter said.

"We are not making any experiments there, also not with extra referees."

FIFA's IFAB comprises the four British associations and four FIFA representatives and sets the rules for the world's most popular sport.