Victor Valdes' guide to collecting crosses

Having a goalkeeper who flaps at crosses is a major chink in the armour of any defence.

Whether they stay rooted to the line or recklessly charge off it, a goalkeeper that doesn’t command his box loses the trust of their defence.

And if the opposition notice the hapless custodian can’t claim crosses, they’re going to exploit that weakness by bombarding the box with high balls.

The ability to dominate the skies with dexterity and confidence is an essential skill for any goalkeeper. An essential skill, Barcelona goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, spends a lot of time improving.

The Spanish shot-stopper says the key to seizing upon a cross is not just your handling skills, but your ability to protect yourself and the ball.

“You should always try and protect your body with your knee,” he told FFT.

“Another important thing is when you catch the ball, you immediately get it to a safe place because there might be opponents around who could knock the ball out of your grasp.”

Whatever level you play, use this training video with Valdes to help you guard the penalty box and neutralise the opposition's aerial threat.

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