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How to kick a losing habit

In 2006 Middlesbrough were in crisis, having lost four games in a row. After a 4-0 home defeat against Aston Villa, a Boro fan ran on to the pitch and threw his season ticket in the face of manager, Steve McClaren.

In their next game they faced league leaders Chelsea. Prior to the game, psychologist Bill Beswick, advised McClaren to give a motivational speech, rather than one based on tactics and strategy.

Middlesbrough won 3-0 and broke their losing habit.

"If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. If you’re not happy with a losing habit, something has got to change," says Beswick.

If you're in the depths of a poor run of form and you see no way out, watch this video and let Bill lend a hand.

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