Get the best out of a big ego

Is your talented prima donna not doing the business out on the pitch? Former England and Manchester United psychologist Bill Beswick tells you how to get the best out of your cocky star

Managers want their players to play with confidence, but when that self belief turns into delusions of grandeur they have a problem.

An over inflated ego can lead to disharmony in the changing room, inconsistency and an allergy to hard work.

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As infuriating as a cock sure gunslinger can be, the manager knows he's got innate talent and if he's reading from the same hymn page as the rest of the team, then they have a match winner in their arsenal.

But how do get the best out of a prima donna? How do you balance massaging their ego, as well as keeping their feet on the ground and playing for the team?

Sports psychologist Bill Beswick was tasked with this job when he was working with the likes of Manchester United and England.

To benefit from this vast experience, click play and absorb his expertise.

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