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UK's most tattooed man finds Troy Deeney's stolen Lamborghini

The 'King of Ink Land', aka Mathew Whelan, called officers when he saw the Watford striker's vehicle outside his block's secure car park in Birmingham.

"I called West Midlands Police and reported a suspicious individual and challenged him," he told the Watford Observer.

"It was around 15 to 20 minutes when I noticed a police car arrive, then another one and then another three.

"I gave the police my security electronic key so they could gain access, and we then found Troy Deeney's stolen Lamborghini.

"We're both Birmingham City fans so I am delighted that it will be returned to him."

Deeney bought the stolen car as a present last summer. Luckily for him, the UK's most tattooed man happens to be one of three directors on the development's residential committee, and therefore keeps a keen eye on the activity around his patch.

The 'King of Ink' added: "After reporting the incident to 101 I thought nothing more as I believed I would pick it up with the community police team the following day.

"Being one of three directors of the development's residential committee, I always have the best intentions for the development because we've had various crimes here over the past several years."

Who needs Batman with vigilantes like this?

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