Gallop: Promotion and Relegation not 'realistic' in near future

Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop has ruled out any plans for promotion and relegation between A-League and National Premier League in the immediate future.

Speaking on World of Football earlier tonight, Gallop said a promotion/relegation structure was not viable.

“At the moment with the investment our owners make to the competition, it’s not realistic to move to a promotion and relegation system. We want those investors to know that they’ve got some longevity with their licence,” Gallop said.

Steps have been made to bridge the gap between A-League and National Premier League clubs in recent years, including the introduction of the FFA Cup.

“FFA Cup, the creation of NPL...all of these things are part of closing the gap between the A-League and the semi-professional tier and we’re well aware that the leading NPL clubs – indeed clubs like South Melbourne in Victoria – are keen to keep promotion and relegation on the agenda,” he said.

Gallop’s comments come after the FFA today released its strategic plan for the next four years for football in Australia.

One of the key features of the four year plan was a focus on attracting top class international marquees as well as returning Socceroos. 

“We want to take a more centralised approach to marquee players,” he said.

“Previously it’s something that’s really been the prerogative of clubs and we sort of come in at the back end and try to assist clubs where they’ve identified someone. We want to take a more collaborative approach to that.”

While the FFA intends to be more collaborative with attracting marquee players for A-League sides, the salary cap will remain in place as an equalisation measure for the top tier league.

Gallop added: “I think haves and have-nots are part of every national competition in Australia. AFL and NRL deal with the same issues and of course it’s why you have equalisation measures like the salary cap. Our salary cap is a bit looser than AFL and NRL because we do have allowances for marquee players and home-grown players.”

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