Gallop tells PFA to 'get on with it'

FFA CEO David Gallop has urged the players union to “get on with it” while the PFA has called for patience as both parties continue to haggle over a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Just two days out from the start of the 2015/16 A-League season and there is still no resolution to the long-running row.

Gallop made a pointed reference to the ongoing dispute at the launch of the Season 11 in Sydney on Tuesday.

“I call on the PFA to get moving on signing the deal,” Gallop said.

But PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian returned salvo with a statement after the launch, reminding Gallop the union had been working for 14 months with the FFA to reach a ‘whole of game’ CBA.

Gallop said: “Affordability is the key to this relationship, it always has been, and the deal that’s on the table is a very good one.

He added: “We’ve already achieved a lot in 10 seasons. Four years of sustainability with clubs, the average player wage is $135,000 and professionalism like never before."

Vivian said there remained “a number of matters to work through, specifically relating to conditions.

“There are more talks planned for this week with FFA where we hope to address these.

“The PFA is the representative of the players. Once both parties positions have been finalised, and the players have been adequately consulted, provided feedback and made a decision we will be in a position to sign the agreement. 

We call on all parties to remain patient as we work towards this historic agreement that will impact on all our members careers.”