Newcastle Jets not up for sale

The Newcastle Jets are not up for sale, with Nathan Tinkler's Hunter Sports Group saying they have no plans to sell their Hyundai A-League license in the near future.

Tinkler was forced to give up his ownership of NRL club Newcastle Knights last month due to his falling wealth and rising debt. 

Speculation has been rife ever since that Tinkler's Hunter Sports Group would also hand over control of their A-League club.

But HSG Chief Executive, Troy Palmer, told ABC Radio on Saturday that there have been no moves to sell the Jets and that it's business as usual at the club. 

"Every asset is for sale at the right price," he said.

"But you know there's been a lot of speculation about agents being appointed for the sale of the Jets and that hasn't occurred at all.

"We haven't appointed anyone to sell the Jets.

"We haven't gone out there marketing the Jets in the community or overseas so at this stage it is business as usual planning for pre-season."

Despite that, Palmer said any potential investors in the Newcastle Jets will not be shown the door.

"There's always going to be a club here in Newcastle, the Jets will always be here.

"At this stage we're definitely planning to be a long-term part of the Jets, but in saying that if someone wanted put their hand up and get involved in the Jets and wanted to put their money into the Jets and help us take it forward, we wouldn't be opposed to it.

"We've really enjoyed the Jets, even though we haven't had the success we would have liked, we've done a lot of good work with the Jets, we've got the Emerging Jets program which is a first in Australia, there's a lot of good things we've done that will eventually produce results.

"But if there's someone who can do this better and has the deep pockets to do it, we're happy to talk to them."