iGoal: Pump up your pre-season!

The urge to practice football doesn’t always coincide with the availability of a field. Those days are a thing of the past with iGoal.

Something that could revolutionise the way amateur clubs across Australia prepare during pre-season…the iGoal, an inflatable goal!

During January to March, club secretaries at Australian grassroots clubs are willing to sell their very own grandma to get a suitable pitch for a pre-season training and friendly games. 

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Most are left scrambling around for whatever bit of Serengeti-like field is available and settling for poles or witches hats for goals.

Enter the iGoal! Portable, inflatable, rigid, (relatively) lightweight. iGoal uses the latest Rigid Air Technology (RAT) which combines a Thermoplastic Polymer with High Tenacity Yarn to create a lightweight and durable product that reduces the risk of injury, yet is rigid enough to withstand competitive play.

The free standing one piece iGoal system can be assembled in minutes and is maintenance free.

We got to have a play with one and the FFT team decided to give it a good hammering.

FFT Editor Aidan Ormond said “I really liked it. We smashed a few shots at it and it proved surprisingly stable, especially when hitting the post. 

“It obviously doesn’t bounce back but better than most I have seen before. It was relatively easy to put up, too. Ideal for pre-season ”

Shame the best on offer in Aido’s heyday was jumpers for goalposts….

On sale now

Prices range from $249 for 6x4 to $799 for full size goal.

The range includes the official FFA sizesfor U8-U9 3mx2m and U10-U11 5mx2m.


More about iGoal

iGoals are perfect for coaches, parents and kids, keeping football on the move, anywhere, anytime. iGoal is fully portable and extremely safe, making football easier and safer for players, parents, coaches, and football leagues around the world. 


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