New Balance serve up some 'fiery boots'

For those who Make or Take chances, New Balance has served up a fiery summer combo for the hot days ahead. Breaking through the market this year, New Balance has made a name for itself already with its game enhancing tools for your feet. Introducing the Visaro and Furon:


Crafted for the maestros who MAKE chances and dominate predominantly the centre and back-halves of the park, the Visaro boasts groundbreaking technology to help master the ball and manipulate the gameplay to put your game at a higher edge. The Vari-Zone Ariaprene upper helps control your touch to the maximum of your ability, whilst being soft, flexible and lightweight. The Low Pressure Zone instep allows instant control when utilising it while making touches and strikes with the ball, handy when trying to hit benders for a cross or aiming for the top corner. A hard working player needs plenty of underfoot gear when running for a full 90, so the Super-Flex Soleplate provides exceptional flexibility and ground contact, while the Medial Pivot Zone’s unique stud configuration allows for quick turns and manoeuvrability. Apart from being totally game changing, the Visaro is also one for comfort. The flagship Fresh Foam provides superior cushioning, as it is one of the softest and most plush cushioning systems used in football to date. This is all teamed up with a Pro-Form Last, giving you a perfect fit and unsurpassed feel.

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Engineered for those goal hungry beasts like Tim Cahill who do most of their duty up in the oppositions final third, the Furon takes a strikers capability to a whole new level, assisting them to put any ball into the back of the net. A striker is reliant much on their speed and agility, which is captured by the High-Energy Return Upper for explosive speed and unbelievable responsiveness. Also to cater for speed and high bursts of it, the soleplate has been stiffened providing a good source of bounce, while the studs are perfected for traction and ultimate acceleration. The ultralight Fantom Fit cage which wraps around the medial and lateral sides of the boot provides strength and support where needed. In the same area, the tasty Burrito Tongue construction holds the foot in place, allowing for extra support and no movement in the boot during gameplay. The Furons system of cushioning is the fixed RevLite foam, which is incredibly light but still provides high levels of cushioning. Just like the Visaro, all this comes together on the Pro-Form Last, proving that perfect fit. 

Both the Visaro and Furon models have updated and decked out with fiery accents, done so fittingly for the scorching summer ahead of us. The Visaro has been hit with a ‘Lava’ and ‘Fireball’ combination, being the hottest of the two. The Furon is the more subtle option, following the success of New Balance’s recent blackout release of the shoe. But, to stay on theme, they painted it with some ‘Impluse Orange’ flair. 

To pick up a pair of the new Visaro and Furon colourways, visit on November 26, 2015. In the meantime, stay tuned on @footballbootsaus on Instagram as we continue to analyse the boots further.

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