Prevent injuries: Sof Sole your boots

Rhys Williams’ Brazil World Cup dreams could be in pieces after a serious Achilles injury. With the whole of Australia willing his recovery, FFT decided to look at what injury prevention options are out there
Go For Gripping Insoles

Feel the insoles of your football boots before putting them on – if they’re smooth, swap them for textured ones. Studies by the University of Sydney School of Physiotherapy found that proprioception – communication between foot senses and the brain – are reduced when footballers wear smooth boot insoles. Trials on 17 Australian players led researchers to conclude that textured insoles in boots could prevent foot and ankle injuries.

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The correct fitting insole works in conjunction with your foot type, helping to promote the natural biomechanics of your unique stride. By doing so, improve footwear fit, performance and comfort.  A major advantage is absorbing shock /impact which prevent injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendon problems, back pain, flat feet and knee pain.

The Sof Sole FIT Series features three distinct insoles with specific arch heights and tuned high-rebound foam.

Sof Sole FIT Series

RRP: $49.95

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