PUMA evoSPEED 1.3 Performance Review

With a couple of months testing in the bag, its now time for our review and verdict onPuma’s latest rendition of their speed boot line; the evoSPEED 1.3

With a couple of months testing in the bag, it's now time for our review and verdict on Puma’s latest rendition of their speed boot line; the evoSPEED 1.3.

Launching in a very vivid Purple and Fluro Yellow colour way, the evoSPEED was granted only a few changes on the design element, and a lot more in the performance aspect. 

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The boot itself is a massive improvement from its predecessor (the 1.2) and we are certain that it is a boot that people should consider in the upcoming pre-season.

The evoSPEED 1.3 is a shoe for speed nuts; those who take on those one on one’s like Radamel Falcao, and strike those impeccable goals like Sergio Aguero (both who wear the evoSPEED). When looking at the boot, you get a sense of these types of players, because that is what the shoe is modelled around. Now the question is, does the shoe live up to its expectations, and if it’s a good performing shoe for any Sunday League player out there… just like it is for our stars in the big leagues.

The upper is essentially what gives any boot that place speed boot category.

Extremely lightweight, very thin, and has colours often found from the 80’s era on a futuristic design. On feet, the upper’s anatomical fit, fits nicely around your feet, providing one of the best optimum fits; something that is very important. There were no blistering issues at all within the testing process, and to be fair we don’t get that often. The touch on the ball is very good, you can really take light and small touches on the ball and feel very close to the ball, and in the tongue when striking either the round-balls or the odd-balls, you won’t feel any lace-bite; something extremely good to see in a light weight speed shoe. 

These are all things that make the shoe, as stated earlier a ‘speed shoe’. When using the boots, we felt lightweight and bouncy on out feet wearing them, which is definitely a plus. Dribbling and keeping the ball close to our feet when in play was something that we got out of this shoe. Puma have again implemented ‘GripTex’ on the upper. This is a transparent grip coating found on the places where you need it the most when dribbling the ball. Along with the ultra-lightweight upper, this served as a great tool for when taking touches on the ball and running at high speeds.

Something new on the evoSPEED 1.3 is the ‘External Ever-Fit Cage’. The Ever-Fit Cage was seen on the pervious evoSPEED, but was tucked away on the inside of the upper. Puma have decided to take it on the outside now, hoping to provide even more lock down and less movement in the shoe and upper; what the whole concept is designed for. By placing the technology on the outside of the upper on the medial and lateral sides of the boot, we only noticed a small amount of extra lock down and more stable feeling when playing. Either way, it serves its purpose, and it’s great that the new rendition of the Ever-Fit Cage is working.

So all in all, the upper is extremely good, and is living up to its expectations of a speed boot. But what about the soleplate?

Just like the upper, the soleplate is also what makes a speed shoe, really a speed shoe.Now as football boot enthusiasts, and having tested over countless amounts of boots, it is safe to say that the evoSPEED 1.3 soleplate is the best we have ever worn, and it is our No.1 Favourite. 

Why do you ask? Here’s why: it’s perfect. The sole consists of 12 conical studs, meaning all studs are circular in shape. They are long and aggressive: meaning that they latch into the ground and therefore give optimum grip and traction no matter the surface. Due to its circular surface, and studs can therefore turn and rotate in the ground perfectly, perfect for those quick turns and sharp cuts you’ll need to create in play. The soleplate also carries Puma’s trademark ‘SpeedTrack’ system. Essentially, the SpeedTrack system is a bone running from the heel through the mid-foot to create stiffness in this area, allowing no bend in the places where bending can be very un-forgiving, but allowing the forefoot to be very flexible just like it should be. It also helps replicate that very fast and ‘pouncing’ feeling.

All in all,the evoSPEED 1.3 does live up to its name as a speed boot. It is a major contender with the likes of the Nike Mercurial and Adidas adiZero, and for anyone out there considering the shoe or any speed boot, we definitely recommend the boot. So, if you’re stuck during this pre-season, pondering your options and thinking what will give you that extra edge; we just might think you have found what you needed.

This review was done by FootballBootsAus  Go to their website or Instagram account to keep up to date with all the latest boot launches in Australia.

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