Supacore: The garment for injury recovery

Supacore is the only seamless compression range in the world that assists with injury recovery

Supacore is the only seamless compression range in the world that assists with injury recovery. 

Supacore garments have body-mapped targeted compression for focused support on major muscle groups resulting in less soft tissue damage.

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The unique CORETECH™ engineering improves core stability and support of hip, groin and hamstring injuries. Graduated compression throughout the garment increases the blood circulation and reduces blood lactate for a faster recovery cycle.

  1. Seamless technology allowing for the ultimate in compression, comfort, fit and performance.         
  2. High tech, durable, breathable micro fibreweave allowing for a longer product lifespan.
  3. Quick dry and moisture wicking features for vital moisture management.        
  4. Optimal thermal properties allowing for rapid warm up and temperature maintenance during exercise.



Age – 27

Position – Left Wing

Club – Ipswich Knights

Comp with grade - Brisbane City 5 

“I had been struggling with a quad and groin issue for a few months when I was sent the Supacore Coretech Compression Shorts. Naturally I was pretty excited, but also sceptical about its claims for these types of injuries. I had tried a few of the mainstream brands of compression garments, with very little benefit, and expected the same. After testing them in training, a match and also futsal, I was seriously impressed with this product – so much so I’d be pretty upset if I left them out of my kitbag on game day.

My quad and groin issue had been niggling since the end of last season, starting with a minor tear. That healed (or so I thought), but I stupidly never gave it a long enough break by playing futsal through the offseason. From there the issues ranged from a continual slight yet annoying twinge, to a pretty painful strain that stopped me shooting or passing with any more venom than a kid in Under 8s. I’d tried strapping, ’mainstream’ compression shorts, and few other methods with no luck at all, and it was starting to get pretty frustrating. A couple of weeks without playing or training due to rain outs and byes, plus these Supacore Coretech Compression Shorts; and I haven’t felt a twinge, tickle or any pain since.

The shorts are seamless, with no annoying stitching or tag to give you grief. They are by far the most comfortable compression short I’ve worn. They come up quite high at the waist, which also provides support for lower back issues.

This is another issue I’ve had in the pastfrom a 10 year stint in motor racing, and these gave great support to that area. The high waist will also suck your stomach in for those early season games when you’re still carrying a bit of Christmas pudge.

The Microfibre fabric feels and looks noticeably different to other compression products on the market, especially when you touch it. It has a rougher texture than most other brands, but the comfort level is sensational. They also stay in place better than others I’ve worn in the past.

The Quickdry fabric is also a nice feature. They don’t get sopping wet during a game in the rain. You can also forget to wash them until match day, give them a quick cold-water rinse before you leave home, and they’ll be dry as a bone by the time you get to the pitch.

The ‘Optimal Thermal’ feature also seems pretty good. They seem to regulate your temperature pretty well. Other than the support they provide, you don’t really know you are wearing them.

All in all, the Supacore Coretech Compression Short is a super impressive product. The confidence and support they give you, especially if you have a niggling upper leg and/or lower back problem is second to none.” 

Football and Core Related Issues

One of the most common reasons for athlete’s experiencing groin, hamstring, glute, quad and adductor issues is weakness or instability in the pelvic core.

The core is defined as the muscular anatomy that supports the spine and the pelvis. Footballers are highly susceptible to problems related to the core, due in part to the high volumes of stop-start running and kicking that the game requires. The most serious injury that can occur is Osteitis Pubis or OP. FIFA estimates that up to 7 per cent of the world’s footballers will experience this debilitating syndrome at least once in their playing career.

So, what can help you avoid or recover from core related issues?

•          Work with your strength and conditioning coach and implement core strengthening exercises into your training routine, match warm ups and strength sessions.

•          Learn Pilates. If you don’t have the expertise at your club, learning how to activate your core with a Pilates instructor will be highly beneficial or at least with a PT qualified to instruct in this area.

•          WearSupacore CORETECH™ shorts or leggings; these unique garments support your lower back and provide unparalleled core support while train and also as you recover.


Supacore is the official compression partner of Adelaide United.  All Reds players, including Socceroos players Bruce Djite and Eugene Galekovic, are now wearing Supacore compression garments and have benefitted from the CORETECH™technology. 

“Supacore Compression garments are such a vital part of our playing kit, especially for match day & training. All the players wear them.” Bruce Djite, Adelaide United and Socceroos 2010 World Cup player.

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