Quick Tip - Playing Out From the Back

Here's a simple but effective tip showing the optimum positioning of your full backs to enable your team to successfully play out from the back.

If you’re having trouble playing out from the back successfully – your problems might be in the positions your full backs are taking up and could be solved with the help of this video and remembering three key words – level and outside.

Here, Ron Smith, a member of the Australian national technical team,  gives you a quick tip on how the positioning of your full backs could be the key to successfully playing out from the back every time.

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Ron then shows you a simple 6v3 positioning game that can help your players familiarize themselves with this positioning to help them maintain possession and move the ball forward in a game realistic scenario in which they will get plenty of repetition.

It’s a simple and effective tip that coaches of any level can adopt into their sessions to get great outcomes for their players and more success playing out from the back on match-day.

Ron Smith has his own coaching website - The Football Centre – for more information visit www.thefootballcentre.com.au

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