Shane Smeltz: Taking penalties

Perth Glory’s star striker Shane Smeltz reveals his secrets to the mind game of spotkicks

Pick your spot early

“Penalties are a mind game. You’ve got tobe confident. Sometimes I pick my spot before the game. 

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"If you’re not going to do that, you’ve got to pick your spot nice and early. Don’t back down from it, don’t change your mind halfway through.”

Don’t let the opposition distract you

“Don’t get distracted leading up to the penalty. There’s all sorts of tactics other players will do to put you off and you’ve really got to switch off and zone into what your job is and that’s put it in the back of the net.”

You need a thick skin, if you miss a penalty

“Any good striker in the world misses a penalty. You’ve really got to have a thick skin and move on as quick as possible.

“It’s same if you miss a sitter in a game, you’ve got to believe you’ll score the next one. Otherwise you’ll go missing.

“If you do happen to miss a penalty, you’ve got to look at what you’ve done, it may be one small thing you’ve done wrong and you put it right for the next one and make sure you hit the back of the net.”

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