Ancelotti slams Blatter's Ballon d'Or comments

Carlo Ancelotti has hit out at FIFA president Sepp Blatter over his claim Manuel Neuer should win the Ballon d'Or, not Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo is the holder of the world footballer of the year award and is the favourite to retain the crown when the 2015 prize is handed out in January.

The Portugal captain enjoyed a typically prolific 2013-14 season to help Real to UEFA Champions League glory, and has started this campaign in blistering form - scoring 16 goals in just eight La Liga appearances.

Blatter has reportedly endorsed Bayern Munich goalkeeper Neuer, who was outstanding in Germany's World Cup success, to scoop football's greatest individual prize in football over Ronaldo.

But Real coach Ancelotti has reacted angrily to those claims.

"It has surprised me what the FIFA president has said and it appears he is unable to keep his mouth shut," the Italian said on Wednesday.

"The Ballon d’Or is something that gets talked about months before yet this year there are not that many things to think about.

"Last year Cristiano had other players like Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery contesting it but this year, with the titles he has won and the goals he has scored, there's no doubt he is going to win it.

"Therefore, Blatter's words don't make any sense."

Ancelotti himself has been nominated for the FIFA World Coach of the Year and he expressed his pride at making the shortlist.

"I am proud to be in this category and would like to win it, although I have already received the biggest prize when we claimed the Champions League," he said.

"If I win another one I'll have to expand my trophy cabinet."



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