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Aymeric Laporte's Manchester City transfer fee saves an eighth-tier French club

Laporte moved from Athletic Bilbao to Manchester City for £57.1m in the January transfer window, a move which has saved the defender's boyhood team.

The 23-year-old played for the French minnows Agen from the age of six until he was 11, when he moved to Aviron Bayonnais before going to Bilbao.

Agen were entitled to 0.25% in training rights compensation for every season Laporte played in Bilbao's youth ranks from the age of 12 up to 16. That - of course - totals 1%, amounting to a £570,000 sell-on fee, which was enough for Agen to attain financial stability.

Jean-Claude Brunel, Agen’s co-president, told Spanish newspaper El Correo: "Fate knocks at our door. It is unexpected and a beautiful reward for our efforts. 

"If the ruling had not been manifested, we were determined to close at the end of the season as we were unable to meet the operating costs."

So, happy days return Agen. Excellent.

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