Bayern 4-0 Barcelona: The story in Stats Zone screens

Last night's stunning Bayern 4-0 Barcelona game was perfect for Stats Zone, our award-winning FREE analysis app. Here's a sample of the screens that were shared during and immediately after the game...

Within the first 15 minutes, the pattern was set. As @StatsZone tweeted, "FC Bayern München with the only shot on target, largely restricting Barcelona to midfield". 

A minute later, @eeradd shared the Player Influence screen to note that "Piqué is the most influential player in the game. Shows how intense Bayern pressure is".

By 27 minutes, @CareFreeChronic said that "If you can limit Lionel Messi to this, half the battle's already won".

On 35 minutes, FourFourTwo contributor @JamesHorncastle shared a screen showing the different places Thomas Müller had received the ball: "They seek him here. They seek him there"...

At half-time, @StatsZone tweeted that "Barcelona yet to have an attempt on target"...

…that Messi was "Messi yet to make an impact and hasn't received a single pass in the final third"…

…and "Bayern defending well centrally particularly in Messi's favoured inside right area".

On the other hand, editor @GaryParkinson noted "Attacking-third passes led by Iniesta and Robben (no, really)".

By 63 minutes, Bayern had doubled their lead and their defensive midfielders were catching the eye: "Martínez & Schweinsteiger tackling tigerishly"...

…if sometimes stepping over the line: by 76 minutes (and 3-0!) it was "Martínez 6 fouls, Schweinsteiger 3".

On 83 minutes, @DanSales8 noted that "Barcelona have created as many chances as Munich have goals":

At full-time, shares were split between highlighting Barça's woe and Bayern's excellence. @StatsZone noted that Schweinsteiger and Martínez were "the wall Barça's midfield couldn't penetrate":

…and that "Barcelona only had one shot on target, Bayern typically ruthless (4 goals from 7 shots on target)".

The tackle distribution showed where both sides were trying to attack – Barça centrally, Bayern down the wings:

Bayern's Dutch winger played against stereotype, completing 22 of his 26 passes and getting stuck in for his team. As @Gary Parkinson asked, "Who are you, and what have you done with Arjen Robben?"

@przypadek40 found it "interesting" to compare where Müller and Messi received the ball, contrasting Barça's choked claustrophobia with Bayern's expansive running

Indeed, @StatsZone compared Messi's game to his performance against Milan: "A shadow of himself?"

Last word to @GaryParkinson, who compared the tackles and aerial duels to summarise: "Barcelona defence – good on the deck, but they don't like it upstairs".

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