Car invades pitch in United Arab Emirates U18 match

Er, sorry – what now? But yes: a car stopped a football match for approximately 16 seconds as a joyrider took to the pitch

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A Volkswagen Beetle raced onto the turf during an U18 game between Al-Jazeera and Shabab Al-Ahly in the UAE. 

But this wasn't a Happy Gilmore remake or Herbie on hard drugs, and fortunately no one was injured by the lunatic driver who hurtled around in a circle while honking his horn.  

The referee was forced to stop play as the two sets of players ran for safety in the centre circle, while the vehicle ran riot around them. 

The footage, captured by Sharjah Sports TV, has unsurprisingly gone viral. 

So, erm... that's something we've never seen before. 

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