FIFA 21: The 10 most overpowered players for Ultimate Team

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When it comes to picking out the best players for your FIFA 21 squad, you're going to want to look for the overpowered players. The ones who give you lots of bang for your buck.

You don't need to worry about finding them yourself though, as we've rounded up the game’s most overpowered players, all of whom cost under 50k coins and possess stats that allow them to outperform more expensive cards.

Note: The FUT market is always in flux, so some of the prices may vary.

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Marcos Llorente


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Price: 3,500 coins

Marcos Llorente is pretty much the Spanish Ruud Gullit. A shadow chemistry style would grant Llorente 96 pace and 92 interceptions, which, alongside his 81 dribbling, 74 shooting and 79 passing allows him to be a creative outlet in the middle of the park. 

Adama Traore


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 8k coins

Adama Traore is a powerhouse in FIFA 21. He’s just as fast as Mbappe with 96 pace, and even stronger than Liverpool’s Fabinho with 86 strength. He’s an absolute nightmare to defend against not just because of his strength or his pace, but also because of his ability on the ball. 

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You see, Traore possesses 87 dribbling as well as a four-star skill rating - this combo allows him to execute dangerous skill moves with the ball at his feet. If you’re keen on bolstering your squad with a strong, pacey and skillful winger, give Traore a try - you won’t regret it.

Ousmane Dembele

Price: 55k

Only eight players across FIFA 21’s entire database possess both a five-star weak foot and a five-star skill rating - Ousmane Dembele is one of them.

While we don’t get to see enough of his brilliance in real life due to his injury problems, you’ll be able to watch Dembele consistently find the back of the net if you acquire him for your Ultimate Team.

Dries Mertens


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 40k

Mertens is criminally underrated in FIFA 21. He’s one of the few strikers in the game that can accurately distribute the ball, yet, he’s underused simply because he’s not a Premier League player.

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Few strikers in the game can offer what he can, so If you run a Serie A squad, or have icons in your team, you’d do well to consider sticking Mertens up front.

Leroy Sané


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 50k

Sané's move to Bayern last summer saw him become one of the most overpowered players in the Bundesliga. Standing at 6’0, he poses a tremendous aerial threat, while also being a menace with the ball at his feet.

With 93 pace, 81 shooting and 85 dribbling you can count on Sané to dribble his way into the 18-yard-area and put the ball past your opponent’s goalkeeper.

Alphonso Davies


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 36k

Alphonso Davies is like a Ferrari on the left flank. With 96 pace, he’s one of the fastest players in FIFA 21, and he’s also one of the most overpowered full-backs you can sign.

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If you slap a sentinel chemistry style on Davies’ card, he’ll receive a +11 boost to his defending and a +7 boost to his physicality which would make both stats 87 and 83 respectively.

Eder Militao


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 9,500 coins

Real Madrid’s Eder Militao was incredibly OP in FIFA 20, and we’re thrilled to say that not much has changed in that regard. Pace is the most important stat in FIFA 21, not just for strikers, but also for centre-backs. 

Centre-backs need to be able to keep up with pacey forwards, and Militao is one of the few CBs who can do so with ease as he boasts 90 pace with a shadow chemistry style. If you run a La Liga based team, Militao would be an excellent addition to your current lineup.

Jadon Sancho


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 15k coins

Jaden Sancho is one of the smoothest dribblers in FIFA 21. He possesses 91 agility, 90 balance, 87 reactions and 91 ball control - all of which allow him to twist and turn with speed and precision.

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For some weird reason he has just 83 pace, but if you slap a hunter chemistry style on his card, his pace will go up from 83 to 93, making him fast enough to torment your opponent’s backline.

Alex Teixeira


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 800 coins

Teixeira is incredibly OP, yet he’s massively underused due to his league’s poor chemistry links. 

He’s got 93 pace and 91 agility, both of which allow him to gracefully glide across the pitch and work the ball into dangerous areas.  He normally possesses 77 finishing, but you can boost his finishing to 92 if you apply a deadeye chemistry style on his card.

Quincy Promes


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 800 coins

Quincy Promes is ridiculously overpowered in FIFA 21. He costs just 800 coins due to his limited chemistry links, but if you’re able to fit him into your squad, he will help you lead your team to Weekend League glory. 

He possesses 89 pace and 81 crossing which allows him to exploit free spaces on the flanks. He’s also able to make significant goalscoring contributions to your team thanks to his 81-rated shooting stat. 


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