FIFA 21 review: Have EA created a game better than football in the real world?

FIFA 21 EA Sports Kylian Mbappe
(Image credit: FIFA 21 / EA Sports)

In many ways, FIFA 21 has the hardest job of any FIFA game yet. For years, we’ve looked to EA to reflect the beautiful game. This year, we’ve not asked for realism - we’ve asked for something better than what’s happening in the real world.

That might sound particularly Black Mirror - but then 2020 has been a bleak avalanche of bad news. Communities have been ripped apart by COVID-19 with stadium turnstiles locked shut - many of them indefinitely. As if money didn’t rule the world before, it now has a vice-like grip over those who didn’t quite feel the pinch. And that’s without delving into the discrimination and administration, which seems to have punctuated news reports this year more than ever before.

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