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FIFA 21: How to do every newly released goal celebration

(Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 has already hit shops and e-stores, meaning fans of the biggest football game in the world are already chomping at the bit to bang in some goals against their mates in online mode. 

But as any player knows, simply scoring against your pal isn't enough. Domination is nothing without humiliation and that's where FIFA's array off goal celebrations come in. 

There are eight brand new celebrations in the game this year. Here, we talk you through them and tell you which buttons to push in order to execute them. 

'A' signature celebration

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: A (or X on the Playstation)

A signature celebration is one of those FIFA includes in each year's game that is specific to a player. In the past we've seen Ronaldo perform his jump, twist and explode, for instance, and this year's game has a couple of new ones. 

Delli Alli is one such example. The folks at EA have made his 'A' celebration an option in the game in 2021. After scoring with Alli, simply push 'A' (or X on the PlayStation) to perform the move. 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: A (or X)

If you've not scored with Dele Alli you can still use the button, but you'll produce this binoculars celebration instead. We're not sure if anyone at EA has ever seen a pair of binoculars but this isn't the hand gesture that springs to mind when we hear the word. 

Still, it's a simple one, so you'll be pulling it out a lot in the early days before you master the real game changers. 

Cry baby

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Run towards the camera

Now, we're talking! Nothing tops scoring a last-minute winner against a mate who gets under your skin and then pulling out the cry baby. It's a true classic of the "Have some of that!" genre. 

It's also an easy one to perform which makes it all the better. Just run towards the camera and you'll be boo-hooing in your mate's face in no time. 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: Hold RB and double tap X (R1 and double tap square)

Made famous by Erling Braut Haaland in last season's Champions League round of 16 clash between Borussia Dortmund and PSG, the Peace celebration is muggy in all the best ways. Yes, you've just scored a late goal, but look at how Zen you are! 

But beware, opponents may turn your move against you later down the line, as Haaland found out the hard way in the second leg. Sh**housery at its finest. 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

Run towards the adboards

We live in exciting times. Back when the early incarnations of FIFA were entertaining the masses, selfies weren't even a thing! Now they're so ubiquitous, EA have decided to include them as a celebration in the game. 

Just head on over the adboards and watch your goalscorer, plus a couple of cronies, gurn at the camera in unison. Say cheese! 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: RT and move RS down (R2 and move R3 down)

I don't believe it! That feeling of utter bewilderment that a particular player has actually come up with the goods. It's a common occurrence in football - just think of that time Kieran Tripper almost took England to the World Cup final - so of course FIFA have implemented into their new game. 

It's a slightly more complicated one to master, in that it involves two buttons, and probably best saved for times of genuine shock. You don't want to give off the impression you're rubbish and never expect to score. 

Knee slide spin

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: LB and move RS up, left, down, right (L1 and R3 up, left, down, right)

We're getting onto the real advanced stuff, now. Not only are there two buttons involved but you also have to do a sort of dance with your finger in the right order, which is easier said than done. 

The results are worth it, though. Your goalscorer will slide on his knees and then drift round in a spinning motion before thumping his chest malevolently. Its a real power play of a move, and probably best deployed when you're 5-0 up and piling on the misery against a friend or sibling you love to humiliate. 

Royal wave

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: B (Circle)

A most impressive finish, your majesty! The royal wave is a simple yet effective way to show your opponent that you belong to a higher class of human being. It's not that they're scum, it's just that you belong on a luxurious throne and they do not. 

Sadly, this one doesn't have its own specific button. It's one of the few new celebrations that will be randomly selected by the computer when you press B (O). Still, when it does arrive, you will greet it like an old friend. Hail to the king!

Finger twist

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: A (X)

Dele Alli isn't the only Spurs midfielder with a signature celebration on this year's game. If you score with Steven Bergwijn, simply press A (X) and you'll fire up his trademark twisted finger celebration. 

It gives the Dutchman a sort of Bain from Batman vibe and Tottenham fans have grown to love it. Bergwijn isn't a guaranteed starter for Spurs, so you may have to sub him on late in the game just to humiliate your opponent further. 

Dance and spin

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: Hold RT and flick RS to the right twice (R2 and flick)

Those players old enough to remember the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa (we cannot believe we've just written that) will have find memories of this celebration. The South Africa team pulled it out after after scoring against Mexico in their opening game. 

It's a nice one as the whole team gets involved - a collective effort to pile on the misery as your opponent contemplates hurling their controller through the screen. 

Hop and point

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: RT and flick RS down twice (R2 and flick)

It's jaunty, it's fun, it's insanely annoying to watch if you've just conceded a 92nd minute equaliser. We're not entirely sure what the hop part entails as it looks more like an arm propeller movement to us, but whatever the deal is, we like it. 

Similar, in terms of execution, to the dance and spin, meaning you'll end up doing one or the other should you make a hash of things. You won't be disappointed either way. 

Surf and Flex

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: LT and flick RS down and then up (L2 and flick)

One of our favourites here at FFT, as we've never been a brand to shy away from flamboyance. The beauty of the surf and flex is the two-part nature to the move. You start off by gliding towards camera, arms raised, like you're surfing, and then abandon that nonsense and take up a classic bicep tense instead. 

Why have these moves been paired together? We don't have a clue, but it's really quite ridiculous and all the more humiliating for it. Learn it. 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

Press: Hold RT and hold RS to the left (R2 and hold R3)

We can already hear controllers flying across the room. Relax is a very simple yet insanely smug way to celebrate a late winner and we can't actually believe it wasn't on the game already. It's all well and good when Mbappe or Neymar adopt a pose like this, but we can't wait to see pictures of Phil Jones or Marouane Fellaini doing it too.

Easy to executive too, we think this might prove to be an instant hit and a mainstay for years to come. 

Camera swipe

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Run towards the camera

Last but by no means least, a camera swipe has been added to this year's trove of celebrations, which means players can almost reach out and touch their vanquished foe. Simply run towards the camera and your goalscorer will offer the fingers of success to your opponent. What they then choose to do with them is anybody's guess. 

Such an easily executed celebration risks being overused but, we beseech you, use it wisely. It is truly a gift from the FIFA gods. 

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