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FIFA 21: Unlock a FREE Diogo Jota One To Watch card in 5 easy steps

Diogo Jota One to Watch - FIFA 21
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A new Diogo Jota One To Watch card has launched. Oh, and FIFA 21 is officially out but for us at FourFourTwo, we were just as excited to unlock the fancy new neon cards - and it's really easy to do so.

A left-winger - who can be converted into a left-midfielder - he's right-footed with a five-star weak foot, he has high work rate for attacking and defending and with 83-rated pace and 84-rated dribbling, he's a difference-maker in the final third. 

If you're building a Premier League-based FUT squad, this card could be a great addition to your armoury. And though it's untradeable, you can unlock it with under 1,000 coins...

All it takes to get Liverpool's new signing is completing five very easy objectives - which is really simple to do even if you've only just got the game. Be sure to read through these objectives before you start completing the first one - you may be able to complete two or three at once. 

1. Portuguese Pro


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The idea of this journey is to complete the objectives in some kind of order that Jota himself would have done. So for your first mission, you're going to have to use players from the Portuguese league. 

Head to the transfer market and have a little look for forwards and/or midfielders from the Primeira Liga. You don't have to shell out for the next Joao Felix, don't worry - just sign up a few players that you reckon you could handle in your team.


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We signed three players - a RW, a CF and a LW - who were all 75-rated and above, from Portuguese sides. It doesn't even matter that this trio is damaging our team chemistry - as long as they're all somewhat serviceable.

Given that players from Benfica, Porto and Sporting of this general rating are not in huge demand, you can get these lads fairly cheap. We spent 350 coins on each in the Transfer Market, just by winning the auction from making the minimum bid.

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All you need to do is score in four games in Squad Battles - while playing on a minimum of Professional difficulty - with one of these players. Easy, right?

Do that, and you've already got Jota's OTW card on loan - plus a Gold Pack and 300XP. 

2. Through Talent


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So you've got your new Portuguese stars at the top of the pitch. You can score goals with these boys. Can you assist with them?

For the second part of the challenge, you're going to need to make assists in four separate Rivals games with Portuguese players. You can even use your new Jota card you've got on loan for this. 

Complete this part of the challenge and you'll unlock yourself a 75+ rated rare player - that will cover the costs of the Primeira Liga players you snapped up - plus another 300XP. Next!

3. Skilled in Battle


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We're still tracking the career of Diogo Jota - loosely - and the next objective is to assist in five separate Squad Battles games using players who have a minimum of four-star skills

They don't even have to be Portuguese at this point - but if you're smart, make sure you sign four-star skilled players from the Primeira Liga all the way back in Step 1.

Four-star skills players needn't be expensive, either. Just looking through the five-star skillers, Yannick Bolasie, Jorge Carrascal-Nunez and Evander are listed. You'll be able to find cheap players who are a step below, skills-wise. In fact, you probably have a few in your team already. 

You'll receive a Small Electrum Players Pack for completing this objective, plus another 300XP. 

4. Rivals Record


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Now we're getting serious. It's out of the Squad Battles and into the Rivals games in FIFA 21 and while we're here, we suggest you get started on Rivals as soon as possible. The rewards can be big and there's much to be learned from challenging other players in the game.

For this part of the challenge, you need to score Finesse goals. That's any goal in which you hold down the R1/RB button - you probably score more than you realise if you're a regular player and don't worry, FIFA doesn't specify that they have to be outside the area or fancy. You can score tap-ins if need be - just make sure they're finesse goals.

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The only things to look out for is that they have to be scored by Premier League players. Well, you've already got one Premier League player at the very least, in your on-loan Diogo Jota card. Scout the market for some more cheap Prem stars if need be. 

You need only score 10 goals to complete this objective. It may just take two or three games to wrap this one up - when you do, you'll be rewarded with a Premium Gold Pack and - you guessed it - 300XP. On we go!

5. Premier League performer


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OK, now you're scoring in Rivals, let's do it with some consistency. 

For the final objective, you need to score two goals per match in five different Rivals games. They don't have to be consecutive and they don't have to be finesse shots - they just have to be with Premier League players

It's a good idea to take on Steps 4 and 5 together if you can and this last objective is a lot easier than it sounds. The more Premier League players you have, too, the easier it becomes - if you're building a Prem-based squad, this challenge should be a doddle.

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Once again, you'll get an Electrum Players Pack for completing this part of the challenge, plus 300XP. And then, for completing the whole group... you'll get that Jota card.

This is one of the simpler challenges in FIFA 21 and a nice one to open the launch week of the game. It won't be around forever though - this challenge will expire on Sunday November 8 at 6pm BST. That's a whole week, though. You've got this.

If you need some coins to get yourself started with the Primeira players in your side, check out Amazon below for a few to kickstart your progress.

How to get coins on FIFA 21

You can buy FIFA points from Amazon - these can be used to buy packs, which contain players for trading. Trading these players for coins can then allow you to buy more players.

See below for the prices of packs to get a headstart in FIFA 21.

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