Name the footballing big-heads

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Craig Robinson, who has spent 18 years collecting 5,000 football figurines, has been hired as Head Of Quality Control for a Capital One competition giving 1,000 fans the chance to be immortalised as a miniature model. Which is nice.

But hang on, back up a bit. Let's absorb that information: Craig has 5,000 football figurines. You have to applaud that kind of dedication, and there's fun afoot here too. How many of the figurines in the final photograph can you name? Note: this isn't a competition, but it's curiously addictive, having ground the FFT office to a halt today…

(You may wish to head over to FourFourTwo's Facebook and Google+ pages for a larger image and the chance to name the bubble-heads. We'll try to get the answers to you early next week…)


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