Oprah Winfrey says she's now a Swansea fan – and might even invest in them

Hollywood actress Mindy Kaling – who helped write and starred in The Office USA – says Oprah inspired her to invest in the Premier League club. But will the chat show megastar now get on board?

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"It's true that I own shares in Swansea," Kaling told ITV's morning show Lorraine on Wednesday while promoting the new Disney film A Wrinkle in Time.

"It doesn't often come up organically in conversation but while I'm here, I'm hoping to go to Wales to see my team. Football is such an amazing sport, so incredibly popular worldwide.

"I was honestly inspired by Oprah; she invests in things she believes in. I believe in this team and I think it's a smart choice, I don't think it's going anywhere.

"I could have picked something a little closer to my home, granted, but I think it's an adventure."

Swansea have told BBC Wales that Kaling and her film co-stars, including Oprah, are welcome at any of their games.

Winfrey, after learning from Kaling that she'd invested in the Welsh club, revealed that she too may loosen her purse strings.

"I just found this out yesterday, but I do believe in that too – I do believe in making investments in what you believe," she said.

"(If you do that) your energy goes into the same thing your money is going into. That just gives it more power. So I now believe in the team too! I'll invest in it too."

Oprah was then asked if she is now a Swansea fan. "There you go," she replied. 

Hollywood royalty at the Liberty, ladies and gentlemen. Watch your back, Carlos – the pressure's really on now.

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