Quiz! Can you name the 30 most recent clubs to win the FA Cup?

FA Cup winners

The big boys enter the FA Cup in January, but can you name the competition’s last 30 winners, starting with the defending champions?

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A total of 43 clubs have lifted the FA Cup. However, as the world’s oldest football competition began in the 1870s, many of the early winners simply don’t exist any more.

So instead of making you try to guess wildly at Clapham Rovers, the original Wanderers, Jurassic Park Rangers or any of the other long-dissolved winners, we’ve kept this to the last 30 victors.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of multiple winners along the way, so this quiz still stretches back until 1925. But at least all of the clubs here are still in existence, which gives you a fighting chance.

Five minutes are on the clock and each club’s latest FA Cup triumph (and total wins) is below. Let us know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some friends too.

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