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Quiz! Can you name the players with 5+ Premier League assists in 2018?

Kevin De Bruyne

Goalscorers get all the girl- er, glory – although this was the year that the Premier League finally dished out its first ever award for the most assists in a league campaign.

Naturally, the winner of such a prestigious gong is on this list as he admires the prize that is definitely on full display in his house, along with the 42 others who’ve racked up five or more assists in 2018.

Surely nobody is coming close to the 20 assists that Thierry Henry clocked in an altruistic 2002/03 season, although the current Premier League leader has nine after 20 games so such a possibility is indeed… well, possible.

Good on these generous sorts anyway, who we’d like you to name in today’s teaser. We’re assisting you with eight minutes to name as many of the players below as you can, then want you to tell us your scores @FourFourTwo. Good luck, and a happy new year from Team FFT

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