Quiz! Can you name these World Cup countries by their national anthems?

Belgium national anthem

The World Cup is here! We all know what that means: watching footballers stand in a line and singing anthems (then a match usually follows)

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The jaunty flair of Brazil. The imposing magnificence of Germany. The ponderous dirge that is England. We’re not even referring to the playing styles of these national sides, but rather their national anthems.

If you’re anything like FourFourTwo, all your knowledge of flags, geography, world affairs and those beloved tunes is entirely based on watching international football. The good news is that with the World Cup beginning, there are 32 songs to get used to over the next month.

So get your headphones in for this quiz of national anthems. They’re all terrific. Let us know your favourite and how you fared @FourFourTwo. Go ahead and challenge some friends while you’re at it – it’s not like there’s much else for them to do over the next four weeks...

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