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Quiz! Can you name the top three scorers from the last 6 World Cups?

Many factors have to come together for a player to top score at a World Cup. You have to be fit and in form coming into a tournament that takes place just once every four years - and you need a good team around you. Group games against hapless opponents help too.

Nonetheless, there’s something thrilling about those summer memories of an exotic attacker plundering goals for a month. So let’s honour the prolific players who’ve finished first, second and third in the scoring charts at the last six World Cups.

One note: the maths might seem pretty simple as top three scorers, six World Cups = 18 places. However in several cases, there’s players equal in third spot. Hell, the 2010 World Cup had four joint top-scorers.

Having no desire to separate players on assists or any of that FIFA nonsense, we’ve included all joint finishers, taking it up to a round 30 answers.

You have six minutes to answer get as many as you can - then let us know how you did @FourFourTwo. We’d appreciate it if you challenge some pals too. Ta!

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