Ronaldo rumours rumble on, overshadowing Cesc’s own sadness

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La Liga Loca suspects that this whole business of Ronaldo being down in the dumps - which fills a huge international break news vacuum rather nicely - will end one of three ways.

The first is that the root cause of the Madrid man’s moodiness is revealed. At the moment, he is giving 20 questions style teasers as responses - it’s something professional and it’s not money. The blog suspects the actual motive will come out in 15 million years when one of the Portuguese’s descendants delivers the response of ’42’ to our new ultimate question.

Florentino Pérez has the solution for the other two outcomes. Ronaldo’s frown is turned upside down with the construction of statues in his image outside every gate at the Santiago Bernabeu, or the club president agrees to the renaming of a calendar month so that la Liga fixtures are officially listed as Real Madrid playing Betis away on the seventh of Ronaldo.

Either way, it continues to have the football media in Spain completely fixated. AS still believe Ronaldo wants a better contract and that the failure to sell Kaká prevented it by keeping the club's funds tied up. Marca have gone completely bonkers and consult Real Betis' sports psychologist and even a handwriting expert, the latter of whom reveals nothing we don’t already know - Ronaldo wants to be recognised as a good professional and has a big ego. Yes, thanks for that.

Look at his little eyes - just look at them!

Various figures in football have been asked for their opinions. Rayo Vallecano coach Paco Jémez suggests Ronaldo would “feel great playing in Vallecas”, while Leo Messi understandably snaps that “when he speaks, don’t come and ask me, it’s nothing to do with me.”

Still, it’s all good news in Barcelona, with their enemy’s star player having a hissy fit, except they themselves have a bit of a dressing room fire to put out with comments made by Cesc Fabregas, a footballer who is struggling to find form, a fixed place in the Barça side and the love of the fans, a section of whom gave him a bit of a boo on Sunday.

“I didn’t notice. I was surprised when I was told as I didn’t hear it,” said the midfielder, channelling former boss Arsene Wenger more than a little.

However, the former Arsenal man doesn’t seem to be as glum as Ronaldo, just slightly irked. “I can’t say I’d be a great substitute. I like to play and get minutes like everybody, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad teammate.”

Luis Mascaró, writing in ‘Sport’ is also very keen to get this message over, lest Barça fans think they have their own Ronaldo situation. “Cesc’s commitment to this club and the project is absolute. Because Cesc, on top of everything else is a culé. And he is going to show this for sure.”

LLL suggests Barça can begin this campaign by leaving little flags to be waved by the players on the bench.