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Russian governor calls for World Cup 2018 match to be played on WW2 battlefield

The governor of Volgograd Oblast says it's his dream for a prospective World Cup fixture between the two nations to be played out on the historic site.

Since Russia will be seeded in Group A on home soil, it's highly unlikely that the two sides would meet until the knockout stages of the competition.

But Bocharov is determined to make his vision happen: “Such a game would delight us all – we have to wait for the draw and we welcome all teams that come to us.”

If the sides were to clash, Bocharov would attempt to steer the game towards the new Volgograd Arena, which holds nearly 46,000 fans.

The Battle of Stalingrad took place in Volgograd from 1942-43, claiming the lives of 728,000 Nazi soldiers and over one million Russian troops. It proved one of the bloodiest battles in history, and a major turning point in the war.

But Bocharov believes a more peaceful affair on the pitch would be the perfect way to honour it, and insists his city have very good relations with Germany today. 

That might change with a big defeat at a home World Cup, mind. 

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