What is the Top 100? #FFT100

Incoming! The 10th edition of our annual countdown of the world's top players is here…

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This coming week (Monday November 28 to Friday December 2), FourFourTwo will be revealing our 10th edition of the Top 100: our choice of the best 100 footballers in the world. 

The editorial team have argued long and hard about who should make up the list and where exactly each player should stand in our rankings. As well as our opinions, we've also canvassed Planet Football to get the views from players, pundits, ex-pros, top journalists and more to widen the debate on who the best football players in the world game are right now. 

Get involved

In addition, we've tracked down many of the best talents and their team-mates and asked them for the secrets to their success, what makes them tick and what comes next. Keep an eye on our social media channels and all week for insight, player interviews and more. There you'll find the full list from 100-1, plus analysis, long reads, art, quizzes, videos, interviews and more... and don't forget to get involved by giving us your view. Use the hashtag #FFT100.

Keep across all of the Top 100, and have your say on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and Instagram. We're also on Snapchat (FourFourTwoUK).

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How we chose the list

Housekeeping rules: the list was judged on each player's form in the last calendar year November 15 to November 15, with a nod to their class and how they've performed over previous seasons.

We consulted with all of our knowledgable writers from around the world to help us decide, from MLS experts to European football obsessives, to seasoned football experts in South America. Don't agree with us? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.