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Shield the ball like Philipp Lahm

Who would walk into a treble-winning club and drag their talismanic captain out of position and stick him in an area of a the pitch where they have a wealth of talent? Pep Guardiola, that’s who.

The former Barcelona boss moved Philipp Lahm from right back into a holding midfield role to the amazement of pundits and fans alike. What was he thinking? Surely, there’s no logic to this?

But there was. Lahm’s intelligence, technical ability and tactical acumen made him a perfect candidate for this new role.

At the hub of the team, the German skipper moves the ball quickly and efficiently. Even when he has defenders breathing down this neck, he keeps hold of the ball, and waits to make the right pass.

He never panics because he has the ability to turn away from trouble and shield the ball. An essential quality for any midfielder looking to quarter-back the play – a quality you too can learn.

How? By watching this video. Alfred Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, demonstrates the “Twist off” and “U-turn” – two moves you can use to protect the ball like Lahm.

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