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Quiz! Can you name the teams from Man City 0-1 Tottenham, May 2010?

Man City 0-1 Tottenham, 2010

Manchester City and Tottenham face off at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday evening with ambitious aims of overhauling Chelsea at the top of the Premier League – but back in 2009/10, things were a little different. 

Just getting into the Champions League represented a giant leap for these clubs, neither of whom had featured in the tournament's current incarnation, and when they faced off in May 2010 the situation was fairly simple – a Spurs win would confirm their place in Europe's premier competition in 2010/11; for City, victory would take them two points above the north Londoners with one game to go.

As it turned out, Spurs won 1-0 with an 82nd-minute goal and duly blazed a Gareth Bale-scorched trail to the quarter-finals the following season. Both clubs achieved their highest-ever Premier League finishes. But can you remember who was part of this era-defining game?

You've got 10 minutes on the clock to work out who started or was named among the substitutes. We want to hear from you afterwards, so drop us a tweet at @FourFourTwo and we'll push out your scores to our followers (but don't give away the answers, you daft lot). Ready? Off you go...

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