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Quiz! Can you name the 25 most valuable teenagers in the world, according to Transfermarkt?

Jude Bellingham
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Six minutes on the clock, 25 players to guess.

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Is it FourFourTwo... or are footballers getting younger?

When you were a teenager, you were probably locked in your room listening to music your parents would baulk at or selling Lucozade to your mates on the playground. And these lads probably do the same - but they're some of the most exciting prospects in world football, too. 

It's incredible to think really: these early bloomers are still growing and they're already worth tens of millions of pounds. All of them were born after 2000. They grew up in a world post-Millennium Bug. They don't remember England smacking Germany 5-1. They've probably never heard of Gwen Stefani.

Quick, try and name them all, before we slide fully into a midlife crisis...


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