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Power-packed football sarnies

Bison steak

Lean rump steak delivers a one-two punch of protein and endurance boosting iron, while the carbohydrates in the ciabatta bread will give you the energy for training. Skip the tomato ketchup and mayonnaise and opt instead for mustard: not only will it give it a spicy kick, mustard has been found to aid digestion, meaning you can be back on the pitch in no time.


Low-fat cheese and beetroot

Don’t scoff at the vegetarian option. The nitrate in beetroot will increase the nitric oxide levels in your blood – this encourages the dilatation of blood vessels – allowing more oxygen to the muscles during training. The cheese will provide the protein normally provided by meat and with it being low-fat, it won’t take long to burn off those extra calories.


Peppered mackerel

High in omega-3, mackerel acts as an anti-inflammatory after training while the pepper speeds up your metabolism – incinerating that spare tyre you acquired over the summer break. Add lettuce and surround it in ciabatta and you’ve got a great sandwich to push you through the afternoon without.


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