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Stretching: Lateral adductor squat

To prepare properly for a game, you need to get dynamic with your stretching, starting with your hips.

“Dynamic stretching prepares the muscles for what they’re about to do,” says Fulham’s fitness coach, Scott Miller.

“It increases the range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to soft tissues prior to exertion.

“Start the adductor squat by standing with your feet together. Then step out to your right, bending at the knee until you reach a 90-degree angle.”

The adductor generates the force that you fire through the ball when hitting a screamer or spraying that Hollywood pass.

“For the second phase of this stretch you need to lower your body down in a controlled manner, keeping your opposite leg straight,” instructs Miller.

“Finish the exercise by driving off the right leg back to the start position. Repeat on the left leg.”

This useful exercise will improve performance and stave off injury.

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