Pics: Brisbane Roar v Villarreal

Almost 9,000 supporters turned out as Brisbane Roar hosted Villarreal in another big friendly at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday. Pics by Getty Images.

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Was at the game and it was brilliant to watch. I'm sure Villa came out thinking "lets just let them do their thing for a little while and then we'll up the tempo if we need to and waltz over the top of them - just like we did against Adelaide"

but they were never in the game. Except for 1 blatant dive to win the penalty, they never had a sniff.

The only sad thing on the night was where was this level of motivation when we needed it earlier in the year? Wonderful what having your next manager sitting in the stands can do....

There was not a bad player out there last night but a few were exceptional, most notably Clut and Broich. Broich was back to his revelationary self. There has been a lot of rubbish on football sites recently from supposed 'fans' saying that he is getting too old, too slow now blah blah - he was unstoppable last night - by players miles ahead of anyone in the HAL and set up 2 of the 3 brilliant goals that we scored.

Donachie was outstanding. Bowles was solid as when thrown on with little warning in the 8th minute, Hingert was tireless down the right and sent in cross after cross, Solorzano worked his butt off and could have had 3 or 4 on any other night, Bratten was faultless, McKay everywhere as usual geeing his players up, Young had almost nothing to do but did what he had to quickly and efficiently, Borello was as erratic and as dangerous as ever.

A great way to wrap up the season and a happy note for Frans to sign off on.

Bring on Liverpool I say. We may well get thrashed (but then I thought that last night too as I took my seat) but the boys will certainly now be well up for it after this display.