AFC responds to match-fixing claims

The AFC has responded to the match-fixing allegations that rocked the Asian Games men’s football competition at Incheon, Korea.

Swiss-based betting analysis company, Sportradar, told Singapore’s The New Paper that betting irregularities strongly pointed to match manipulation in the football tournament.

No matches have been named but one involved late goals, according to Sportradar managing director of strategy and integrity, Andreas Krannich

"We can say that we strongly believe there have been manipulated matches at the Asian Games," Krannich told The New Paper on Thursday.

"For example, on a certain match in this competition, bettors were incredibly confident of a goal being scored in the final minutes.

"The odds movements and the deviations caused alerts, belying clear betting evidence that could never be justified in a regular contest."

He said: “A number of matches were manipulated in the same fashion, suggesting that the same syndicate is operating in Incheon, South Korea."

The AFC responded yesterday, saying it was committed to rubbing out match-fixing from Asian football.

“Following recent reports of possible match manipulation at the Incheon Asian Games 2014 football competition, the AFC would like to confirm that we are closely monitoring the situation," an AFC statement read.

“The AFC are working collaboratively with the Olympic Council of Asia to look into the matter, backed by a strong cooperative agreement between the two parties.

“We are also working hand in hand with Sportradar to thoroughly review the provided information on suspicious betting patterns.

“The AFC are determined to eradicate match fixing in Asia and we will ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of our goal.”